5 Ways to Welcome Spring

Jason Cummings September 18, 2019

5 Ways to Welcome Spring

The weather outside is beginning to warm and the sun has started shining just a little bit longer each day, which means spring is finally on its way. There are several ways you can begin to celebrate the changing of the season in your Denver home. Clear out any traces of winter throughout your house by implementing these five tips to welcome spring today.


With beautiful fresh flowers blooming all around, spring is the perfect time to bring the colors of the outside into your home. Adding fresh flowers to your living room, dining room, bedroom, or kitchen will provide instant appeal to the space. On top of the splash of color the flowers provide, each arrangement will fill each room with wonderful spring scents.

The season is also a great time to experiment with fun colors throughout your home’s decor. You could swap out your bedding for lighter and more colorful options, toss some brightly colored throw pillows on your sofa, and add more vibrant decorative accents throughout each room.


Nothing says “Hello Spring” like a clean and organized home. Take the time to scrub the nooks and crannies of your house that may have been forgotten during the dark days of winter. The changing season also makes it a wonderful time to re-organize your closets or clean out the garage. In addition to improving the atmosphere in your home, you can also benefit those less fortunate by donating your unwanted items to a deserving charity.


Take advantage of the wonderful farmers markets throughout Denver Colorado to bring home some delicious fresh produce. Along with adding some healthy local food to your diet, you can also brighten your home by displaying the gorgeous produce in the kitchen. Living plants make another amazing addition to your home’s spring decor. They brighten up any space and can improve the air quality in your home.


Give your kitchen a workout by incorporating some delicious spring flavors into your meals. Mix up some lemonade, throw a steak on the grill, and bake a batch of strawberry shortcake to celebrate the changing of the season. There are so many wonderfully delicious ways to make the most of the vast array of spring flavors available during the season.


As the season progresses and the weather begins to warm, open your windows and doors to let the fresh air into your home. Cleaning your windows on the inside and out will also help the warm sunlight filter into your Denver home more easily, giving each room a lighter, more natural feeling every day of the week. Open your blinds or replace your heavy curtains with the lighter materials like lace or voile to create a more seamless transition between the indoors and the beautiful weather outside. 

Spring is also a wonderful time to begin searching for your next home. For assistance in your Denver Colorado home search, contact Jason today.

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