Best Amenities for Outdoor Entertainment

Jason Cummings September 4, 2019

Best Amenities for Outdoor Entertainment

For the new uprising of buyers, amenities are becoming more and more important, both inside and outside the home. In recent years, the home has become more than a personal retreat and people are placing more value on how well it can accommodate and entertain their family and friends. Among the most popular additions are those outdoors and here in Denver, there couldn’t be a better way to add value to your home than to invest in one of these al fresco amenities.


Both indoors and out, fireplaces have long been a desirable feature on buyers wish lists and now, the trend is spreading to incorporating them into spaces other than the living room or the master bedroom. Whether you build a custom fireplace into a deck or your landscape or take on a smaller project like a fire pit, these features are usable year-round.

Denverites love spending time outside, so whether you are cozied up in the fall and winter or roasting marshmallows in the summer, the key to an outdoor fire feature is ample seating for friends and family to gather around. If space permits, take the time to custom design the seating arrangement; a combination of couches, chairs or even hammocks keeps the space versatile and allows you to use the space to its full potential.


With sun-filled days, cool nights, and low humidity, you can’t beat summer in Denver. It’s the perfect weather for enjoying the great outdoors and what better way to make the most of it than with a backyard barbecue. While a grill can get the job done, having an entire open-air kitchen setup makes the entire evening of entertaining that much easier and more fun.

In the luxury market, full outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular. From bar areas and full-sized islands to custom ovens, stoves and extra storage space, bespoke features incorporated into outdoor kitchens allow the host to be present and engage with their guests as they prepare the meal. Never miss a beat at your next dinner party and enter the age of modern entertaining outdoors!


If you don’t have a spare room to convert into a home theater, take the big screen outside and create your own version of a drive in movie with an outdoor theater. If space permits, this amenity allows you to incorporate the latest in luxury entertainment to your backyard; designing an outdoor theater can be as simple as a drop-down movie screen with Moroccan-style seating or a state-of-the-art, more permanent setup with plush seating and surround sound. 


Whether you are health-conscious, have children or simply love spending time enjoying Denver’s beautiful warmer months, there are a number of features you can build in to your backyard to help you soak up the sun and stay active. Sports courts – which are versatile and can function as basketball, tennis and volleyball courts – are popular amenities and are big neighborhood draws for getting all the nearby families together for a game night.

While Denver isn’t a waterfront city, there’s no reason why you can’t bring the setting to your backyard with a custom pool and spa. Owners have gotten creative with unique designs, building in everything from jets, slides and waterfalls to hot tubs and saunas to their personal oases. With the inclusion of a hot tub, you can enjoy your personal spa set-up year round.

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