Colorado Hikes Packed With Wildflowers

September 4, 2019


What a winter we had! With all that snow melting the wildflowers are sure to be extra vibrant this year. Make sure to make some time to stop and smell the flowers this summer. July is when they’ll be in full bloom so make sure to carve out some time to get to the mountains to witness their brilliance. We’ve found the best hikes packed with wildflowers to share with you. Some are near and some are far - but they’re all worth the journey to see. 

Butler Gulch

Where: Arapaho National Forest

Drive Time From Denver: 1 Hour 5 Mins 

Length: 4.8 Miles Out & Back 

Difficulty: Hard 

Well Gulch 

Where: Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forest

Drive Time From Denver: 1 Hour 35 Mins

Length: 1.8 Mile Loop

Difficulty: Easy 

Herman Gulch

Where: Near Idaho Springs

Drive Time From Denver: 1 Hour

Length: 6.4 Miles Out & Back

Difficulty: Moderate


Where: Silverton

Drive Time From Denver: 6 Hours

Length: 9 Miles 

Difficulty: Hard

Enjoy fields of wildflowers as tall as you and a Carribean blue lake when you make it to the top.

Green Lake 

Where: Crested Butte

Drive Time From Denver: 4 Hours 3 Mins

Length: 5.5 Miles

Difficulty: Hard 

Enjoy endless fields on wildflowers and a snowmelt crystal lake to jump in at the top!



Orange Paintbrush Flower

Colorado Columbine


Gaillardia Flowers

Blue Flax Flower

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