Denver’s Central Park

Jason Cummings  |  January 17, 2023

Denver’s Central Park

As we all start to move forward in this new year, so many of us are reflecting on what has been a very “different” recent past. With the Pandemic becoming something we talk about in the past-tense, on a regular basis, we find ourselves reassessing our work/home environments. A few short years ago, “working from home” was not the usual or normal way of conducting most businesses, but now it is and we are thinking more seriously about our surroundings. So many Americans have made the move away from the bigger metropolitan cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. The higher tax costs, and the hustle and bustle of the bigger cities like these, have lost some appeal to many who can now conduct their businesses from home.



Americans who have relocated their home in the past three years have jumped from 13% before the pandemic to 22% presently. Colorado is among the top 10 states most “moved to” this year, with good reason!

Central Park

Central Park, which is located right outside of Denver, is the perfect place to live, in so many ways. With a quick 15 minute ride by car or light rail, Central park is located within the city limits of Denver, and is the largest residential community in the area. Boasting acres of wide open spaces, Central Park possesses a perfect mix of beauty, with a perfect view of the Rocky Mountains, 12 sub-neighborhoods, 11 public & private schools, 50 parks, 7 pools, several business districts, plenty of shopping, a recreation center and a public library.

Central Park is the largest neighborhood in the Mile High City, and with Denver being one of the top cities for health and fitness, it makes sense that most people who relocate to Central Park are looking for that “outdoor” lifestyle. Central Park offers outdoor beauty during all seasons. With single-family homes, duplexes, town homes, row homes, condos and apartments, Central Park has so much to offer its residents of any and all ages.

Within the Central Park area, there are plenty of walking, hiking and biking trails, playgrounds, sledding hills, bocce ball courts, barbecues and picnic areas.

When You are Ready

When the time is right and you are ready to hear more about Central Park and everything it can offer you and your family, call Jason Cummings and his team. They are always here to educate you and help you find the perfect place for you to live. Whether you’re relocating from out of state, just looking for a change within the Denver area, or from another Colorado town, Jason Cummings has the knowledge and experience to assist you through your most important purchase, your home. Jason Cummings is one of Denver’s top 10 Real Estate agents and does not take this title lightly. Jason Cummings will always be accessible and he and his team will ensure you don’t compromise what you are looking for and where you ultimately end up calling home. Find out for yourself why Jason has earned the title as being among the top 1% of Realtors nationwide, by the Wall Street Journal. Let Jason and his team find you the perfect home!

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