Green Thumb Guide

April 21, 2020

Colorful Colorado is starting to live up to its name. The last frost is just around the corner, and everything is getting vibrant and green. You know what that means?  It’s time to take out the gardening tools. You might not be able to plant outdoors yet but you can start your seedlings in biodegrable pots indoors and then plant them directly in your garden after the last frost. 

Growing your own vegetables and herbs is healthier and more cost efficient. Plus there's the added benefit of being relaxing and even therapeutic. According to the National Gardening Association, the average family with a garden spends $70 on their crops—but they grow an estimated $600 worth of veggies.

We’ve supplied our best gardening advice below, now all you have to do is grab your gardening supplies and get to planting. There is nothing like planting a seed and watching it grow!

Before you get started here are some things to keep in mind; 

1.    Plant in a sunny location. 

2.   Plant in good soil. 

3.   Plant in a stable environment.

4.   Space your crops properly. 

5.   Use high-quality seeds.

6.   Plot out your garden beforehand. – some plants thrive better next to each other 

7.   Water properly. – not too much or too little 

8.    Plant and harvest at the right time.


Best results for tomatoes are achieved when planted in June when temperatures are nice and warm. Once you plant your seed you can expect to see your first tomatoes in about 10 weeks. You can harvest these to your liking whether you like them soft or tender you’ll be able to determine when they’re ready by the feel and texture. 


Once the outside temperature cools to a consistent 70 degrees you’ll be good to plant your squash seeds. Make sure to indulge your squash with 1 to 2 inches of water per week and position them in full sunlight. When your squash grows to about 6 inches it will be ready to harvest and enjoy!


Needs 6 to 8 hours of full sun coverage per day and grows best in with heat.  You can start this plant inside first and then move it outside once it’s warmer. If you choose to plant it in a pot – you can move it outside during the day when it’s nice and sunny, then bring it inside at night when the temperatures cool. Each seed should be planted 10 to 12 inches apart and ¼ inch deep – make sure to keep the soil moist. 


This is a great herb to start indoors. For best results soak the seeds overnight before you plant them in soil. It will take about 3 weeks from seed to first sprout. This herb prefers moist soil and lots of sunlight. 


Best results when grown inside in areas that receive full sun exposure. Be careful to not over water this herb. Water only when the soil is dry to touch. Oregano is also a perennial plant so you can leave it in the pot and it will sprout again next year.

Most all gardening supply stores are still currently open so it's about the only thing you can do right now. Enjoy and let us know how your garden turns out. 

Happy Earth Day!

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Green Thumb Guide

April 21, 2020

Growing your own vegetables and herbs is healthier and more cost efficient.

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