Infinity New Build Options Available In Central Park, Denver

Jason Cummings  |  January 12, 2023

Infinity New Build Options Available In Central Park, Denver

Looking to build your dream Infinity Alto, Vive or Luxe home in Central Park, Denver? I've got all the details on the available lots that Infinity has released. They’re projecting build times to be anywhere from 8-11 months. 

Infinity Alto Dirt Lots Available​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Available Alto Lots - Map 

Here is a 3D Matterport of the Alto Plan to get an idea of the layout:

Base price for ALTO 4 or 5 (A/B elevations are the same) is $849,900 without the penthouse.  The penthouse option adds around $75k depending on the plan and exterior. Corners are an extra $25k. 

There are two fully completed specs. 6358 Elmira Ct. ($1,129,000)  and 6362 Elmira Ct. ($1,119,900) - they both have $350k+ in total options.

Then, they have numerous “dirt specs” meaning they have submitted the lot for permit, and the exact plan/exterior/structural options have been chosen. But all interior design finishes can be selected. Here are the available addresses/ details for those.

  • 6356 Elmira Ct – ALTO 4 with penthouse

  • 6354 Elmira Ct – ALTO 4 with penthouse

  • 6352 Elmira Ct – ALTO with penthouse

  • 6350 Elmira Ct – SOLD (this is the south corner of the current block - 63rd PL and Elmira Ct

Then the next block to the south has 5 lots, which were just submitted for permits….so these would actually be on the same build timeline as a new build (or later). It would be sometime in the fall before Infinity could break ground on these. ​​​​​​​

  • 6346 Elmira Ct – ALTO 5 without penthouse

  • 6336 Elmira Ct – ALTO 4 without penthouse

  • 6326 Elmira Ct – ALTO 4 with penthouse

  • 6316 Elmira Ct – ALTO 5 without penthouse

  • 6306 Elmira Ct – ALTO 4 with penthouse


Lastly, there are 10 dirt lots on Galena Ct. These are lots in which a buyer can select everything.  With the huge quantity of homes Infinity has sold in the past 10 days, they are currently booked out until at least September, meaning September is the absolute earliest we could break ground. The actual build is roughly 8 months, so April/May 2024 would be a rough estimate for delivery on these lots. ​​​​​​​

Infinity Vive Dirt Lots Available 

There are currently 7 available “dirt” lots, 4 dirt specs, 2 finished specs and then 5 lots that have yet to be released to build an Infinity Vive on. 

Here is a link to the completed Vive spec at 10097 E. 61st Ave

The other available lots are spread across 2 blocks. Block 7 and 10. Block 7 faces west with direct park-fronting mountain views. Block 10 faces north toward the wildlife refuge. The base pricing varies from $1,219,900 to $1,249,000.  The basement finish option adds on about $50-$60K. Here is a look at the map that shows the location of the available Infinity Vive lots. ​​​​​​​

The available spec addresses on 61st Ave. are as follows: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Check Out the 3D Matterports of the Vive 1 & 2 Here: ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Infinity Luxe Dirt Lots Available 

  • There are currently 4 dirt lots available for you to build an Infinity Luxe Plan on and 2 specs. There are 3 elevations to choose from for your exterior and you are able to customize your design finishes. The base pricing ranges from $1,585,000-$1,700,000. Basement finish would add around 80K + and extra finishes you would want to add on. 

Here is the finished luxe spec - 9864 E. 63rd Dr. ​​​​​​​

One of the joys of homebuilding is creating and developing innovative architecture and thoughtful design and that is exactly what Infinity Home Collection does. Not only do they have the best floor plans in the country when it comes to thoughtfully organizing space but their standard finishes are some of the highest quality I have seen. 

The first 8 years of my real estate career I worked at Infinity and other home builders in the sales office selling new homes in Denver. While working alongside Infinity I learned everything there is to know about their home building process from meeting with a client to finding the perfect lots, to helping them design their dream home with resale value top of mind. 

As I go through the home building process with clients the most important piece is my customer's budget and how can I achieve this with what the builder offers, while keeping in mind what is most important for their lifestyle. Besides having the foundation of a spectacular floor plan I like to narrow in on 3 key components when it comes to the interior: design finishes, structural builder options, and when it comes to luxury homes giving special attention to designing the kitchen so that it meets your everyday needs, while looking striking.

Infinity’s last filing, does not fall short when it comes to amenities. Neighboring one of the largest parks in the area with expansive views of the rocky mountains, this filing is walking distance to parks, pools, shops and dining. It is said that it might be one of their greatest locations yet. 

If you are looking to build your dream Infinity Home in Central Park, Denver I would love to be a resource to guide you through the process. Call me today to start the process. We have a special incentive going through the end of January 2023. 

Jason Cummings | 720-409-7330

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