Make Your Natural Light Multiply

Jason Cummings September 4, 2019

Make Your Natural Light Multiply

No matter the size of your space, nothing enhances a room like natural sunlight. It not only makes the home feel lighter, bigger, and more welcoming, but it provides an atmosphere that light bulbs simply can’t compete with. Bringing natural light into any room is desirable in every home and we’ve got the top tips to multiply and maximize light throughout your home.

Decrease Obstructions

The first step in multiplying natural light in your home is making sure the light can reach your windows. While trees and bushes provide privacy, they can also be clocking those stunning rays from entering your home. Take a walk around your property, check for overgrown greenery and prune appropriately without eliminating all shade that can keep rooms chilled in warmer months. 

Another simple fix is cleaning your windows and refreshing your window treatments; dirty windows can actually block daylight from coming in and dark or heavy curtains can reduce natural light from streaming through. Shoot for light colors and light weight fabrics, which will help bring in natural light and still provide privacy.

Lighten Your Walls and Rely on Reflection

Darker colored walls tend to absorb light while warmer hues create a brighter feel and bounce light off the walls throughout the space. Crisp white can often read cold, so opting for an eggshell or beige white helps the space feel cozier at the same time.

Another simple and budget-friendly design trick is adding mirrors to rooms in your home. When light streams in, the mirrors will reflect and multiply the natural light in any space. There are so many different mirror shapes and styles that they are easily adaptable to any room in the house. Installing a large mirror on the wall opposite a window will double the amount of light in a room. More than mirrors, other reflective surfaces, such as refinished hardwood floors, can also reflect and multiply light.

Build Light In

If you are able to take on a larger project, there are a few methods to build more natural light into your space. The simple fix to adding light to a house with few or very small windows is installing more; replacing existing windows in living and bedrooms with larger panes or French doors can make a huge difference, while installing windows higher up in bathrooms and dressing rooms can bring in natural light while preserving privacy.

A second option is to consider installing skylights, which bring in a considerable amount of light to dark rooms. If you are looking to brighten up a space where the roof is just above you, there are a variety of skylight types and price points perfect for lighting up a bathroom, master bedroom, closet or even kitchen.

Finally, if budget and space permits, adding a sunroom off a kitchen or living space provides a wealth of sunlight while greatly increasing home value if you decide to sell down the line.

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