Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient This Summer

Jason Cummings August 10, 2019

Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Efficient This Summer

The task of having a more sustainable home can seem daunting but the truth is that the biggest impacts come from millions of small steps performed by many people rather than large actions by only a few.

Evidence of how much it’s needed(here). We need to learn to live cohesively with the earth around us rather than extracting from it. 

Embracing a greener lifestyle isn't just about saving the rain forests, it can also mean improving your health.

With that in mind here are some cost efficient tips to implement to green up your home - without changing your lifestyle. Once you start you’ll be inspired to do more.

1. Embrace a Natural Clean

Vinegar is a great cleaning solution. It naturally kills bacteria, germs and mold without harsh chemicals. 

2. Buy Recycled Products

3. Switch to CFL Bulbs

4. Solar Where You Can

Solar yard lights have a lot of great qualities our favorites being that they require no wiring so they look good, use less energy, and are easy to install. 

5. Learn to Compost

Instead of wasting those leftovers pile them into a bin in your garden. 

6. Opt for Bamboo Flooring 

Did you know that babe is the fastest growing plant on Earth? So next time you decide to remodel your floors - remember bamboo looks good and is more sustainable then wood. 

7. Get a House Plant.. or TWO

House plants help to improve the air quality of your home. Spider plants are great for purifying the air.

8. Repair Leaks

Leaky faucets and toilets can account for a lot of wasted water. You can rep

9. Stock Up on Rags Vs. Paper Towels

10. Stash the Reusable Grocery Bags 

Reusable grocery bags are great. 

11. Use a Programmable Thermostat 

12. Get a Solar Consult 

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