Some Good News - Colorado

Jason Cummings  |  March 31, 2020

Some Good News - Colorado

Yesterday a friend shared a video with me of John Krasinski aka Jim from The Office. He started a Youtube Video Channel from his home office called SGN or Some Good News, where he shares nothing but positive news in an effort to shed a little light in a seemingly dark time. After watching his video I was inspired to spread some positivity myself. I don’t think anyone wants me to start a Youtube Channel so my personal rendition of SOME GOOD NEWS Colorado is a blog where I share all the local news stories happening all around us locally!

I set out to uncover all the GOOD NEWS in Colorado that may have been missed with all the virus news.

The first story I uncovered came from a local animal shelter in Colorado Springs. All of the extra time at home has given families a better environment to welcome home fur friends. The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, a Colorado Springs animal shelter,  announced last week: “We emptied out our Cat Adoption Centre on Tuesday, and last night, we adopted out every dog in our available dog kennel! Amazing!” Click here to read the full story. Have you considered fostering a dog? Now could be the perfect time. Here’s a few links to local animal shelters to kick start your research.

Colorado Canine Rescue

Big Bones Canine Rescue

Dumb Friends League

If you appreciate how laid back Colorado is you’ll appreciate this next story. According to the recent survey - Colorado is one of the least-stressed states in America. I think we all had an idea that this was the case but it’s good to hear some validation. Maybe it’s because of the incredible outdoor opportunities outside our front doors, or the abundance of nice people in our communities, or the endless amount of good craft beer may have something to do with it! No matter what the cause let’s all stay positive and not lose our ranking because of COVID-19! We will get back to hiking, hanging out with friends at breweries, camping, and even shredding the slopes with time.

The third bit of GOOD NEWS I stumbled upon was the quirkiest, most clever of all. Just 3 months after packing up the Christmas decor Colorado residents have made it clear that Christmas spreads cheer as many have dug back out their Christmas lights in an effort to spread a little positivity to their neighbors. Read the full article here. This is a trend sweeping the whole country as well. ​​​​​​​

When police heard Susie Montoya was celebrating her 102nd birthday, and someone wanted to send her a cherry pie, the cops were on a mission to make sure it was done safely. Click this link to the story to see Mrs. Susie enjoy what had to be one of her most unique birthday celebrations yet as they hold a social distanced party outside her home. 

My last story showcases the creativity and imagination that we have seen come from so many small businesses during this trying time. In mere days local Denver Restaurant owners created A donation funded program whose intentions are to keep restaurant workers employed by preparing ready-to-eat, nutritious meals for those in need like unemployed service workers and other food insecure families. Rioja, Mercantile, Bar Dough, and Kachina are each making 500 meals a day for people in need.

Beyond the actual good "news" around town and our state, there is some good news coming out of homes that I can’t help but appreciate and think a lot of you will relate too. I don’t know about you, but I plan on carrying on some of these stay at home traditions long past the quarantine phase.

We can now have happy hours with friends without having to leave the comfort of our home or our pajamas. Who knew 10 people yelling over each other on video could be so fun! And why has Happy Hour traditionally started at 5 anyway? I’m enjoying this new start time of 4 o’clock much more.

Thankfully, the weather has started to be more and more reminiscent of Spring allowing many homeowners the unique opportunity to spend some extra hours on their lawns and gardens. Can you imagine if we all had to be cooped up during the short cold days of winter? 

And that's a wrap on my days as a reporter. If you would like an encore please share your positive stories with me VIA email and I may consider pulling out my suit again. ​​​​​​​

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