Local Business Spotlight: Sweetpea + Thyme

Jason Cummings  |  June 3, 2022

Local Business Spotlight: Sweetpea + Thyme

For many people, cooking can be a love-hate relationship. Either you love to cook, or you would rather do anything else besides cooking. If you are the second person then Sweetpea + Thyme is perfect for you! Owner/Chef Lizzie Glassner makes delicious, gourmet meals for clients every week, Monday through Thursday. Lizzie and her husband are local Central Park residents who moved here a few years ago from Chicago where she completed culinary school training at Kendall College and then landed her first job at the world renowned Peninsula Hotel Chicago as a banquet cook. Chef Lizzie then moved on to work for a luxury catering company where she became a Sous Chef - further sharpening her skills there for 2 years.

Throughout her time in the restaurant and catering world, she saw how many working families were struggling to manage their day to day work-life balance and how nutritious dinners were oftentimes being sacrificed in lieu of something quick and easy. Chef Lizzie’s passion for cooking and her desire to help families get time back to share special moments around the dinner table is what inspired her to start Sweetpea + Thyme in the northern suburbs of Chicago in 2016. Lizzie’s meals are focused around being healthy as well as balanced by including a protein, vegetable, and a starch and accommodating any and all food allergies and dietary restrictions. Here are just a few examples of some of Chef Lizzie’s crowd favorites: Lasagna, BBQ Pulled Pork, Chicken Parmesan, Pasta Bolognese, Enchiladas, Italian Beef, and a variety of soups.

Sweetpea + Thyme offers two great options for you and your family. The first is nightly meal pick up or delivery, where she prepares healthy and balanced dinners that come with simple reheat instructions. How Sweetpea + Thyme works is Lizzie creates a weekly menu for three nights worth of dinners. Once the client approves the menu, Lizzie does all the grocery shopping, prepares the approved menu for your family, packages it all up, and then it’s either delivered to you if you live in the Central Park/Northfield area or is ready for pickup between 3-5pm. The cost of this service is $100 for the shopping/cooking labor plus the cost of food which varies based on the menu chosen.

The second great option from Sweetpea + Thyme is Mountain Meal Prep. This option allows you to forget about the hassle of cooking or finding reservations for you, your family, or group when on a trip to the mountains. Sweetpea + Thyme has multiple family and group-friendly freezer meal options that you can pack in a cooler and take with you to your mountain getaway. Mountain freezer meals will need to be ordered at least a week in advance and are available for pickup for you to then take it up to the mountains in your own cooler.

If Sweetpea + Thyme sounds like your personal life-saver, email lizzie@sweetpeaandthymeco.com for more information on how to start receiving these delicious and locally made meals!

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