Team Colorado Homes - Compass

Samantha Ennis  |  February 3, 2020

Team Colorado Homes - Compass

​​​​​​​Last year, none of the members of Team Colorado Homes expected to be a part of the all-star team they now encompass. Through a willingness to be open to new ideas and determination to never stop growing, this group of already successful individuals teamed up to create a group even greater than its individual parts. While taking advantage of opportunities that present themselves is a common theme for the team members, it is not that alone that defines their success. What really sets them apart is their dedication to serving their communities. Through their hard work, knowledge, and dependability, their mission is to build relationships with their clients that last long after the closing table. Additionally, they have embraced innovations in the industry and in marketing to drive their success. 

Team Colorado Homes consists of three producing Realtors®, a marketing director and a transaction manager. Team member, Jason Cummings, believes “this dynamic really allows us Realtors to focus on producing and staying heavily involved in every transaction, which helps to build a strong bond with our clients.” 

Jason began his real estate career in 2004 in new home sales. Combining all of his new home sales knowledge and his fire to own his own business, he decided to get his real estate license. After 15 years in the business, 2019 marks his highest producing year yet - closing over $50 million in sales as an individual producer. Year over year, Jason has increased his production by 20 percent. He’s a huge believer that if you put in the work, the business will come. 

Derek Thomas obtained his real estate license in 2003. He went on to work for two custom home builders, helping them with sales and marketing which soon turned into Residential resale Real Estate around the Denver metro area. About 7 years ago, Derek partnered up with Megan Atkins, a Colorado native like himself. Megan has always been intrigued by all things real estate, from creating financial freedom for others to interior design and the architecture of homes. Megan and Derek both share similar Commercial Real Estate backgrounds making them multifaceted Realtors. Megan, recently obtained her certification as a Staging Professional, which helps to ensure their listings always look their best. Derek and Megan have consistently produced $20-$30Million year over year, as a team, doing residential real estate. Of that consistent production - they are proud to say 90 percent is solely referral based. 

Derek and Jason have both always loved new development projects which allow them to see a project start to finish. After assisting with architectural plans, city ordinances, design picks and branding the project -- there’s no one better suited to sell the home then them. They are the experts. They are both currently working on their own development projects: The Lohi 3 and Wilder Lane 24 and are looking forward to this new partnership and what it means for the development side of their business. By combining both of their development backgrounds, their new team structure and having other Realtors to share the workload, they believe “this partnership will open up more opportunities for collaboration,” said Derek. 

While it’s not uncommon for Realtors to be protective of their secrets to success, Team Colorado Homes willingly shares what they believe to be their secret: “striving to be upstanding citizens in our communities who can share our knowledge of the real estate market to benefit our clients and friends. To make ourselves more available we use effective marketing tools, resources and creativity to share our expertise and make ourselves more accessible to the community,” said Derek. “We try to do business the right way while being kind to everyone along the way, and we’re willing to do whatever it takes to close a deal. Finally, which I would say might be the most important, we are never afraid to invest in our business - you have to spend money to make money,” said Jason.

Combined with the resources, knowledge and insight they provide to their clients, they are also huge believers in giving back to the community in other ways. Nicely said by Megan “if you focus on giving, the success will come.” This past year the team donated their time and energy to numerous organizations within their communities. “We had a Back to School Bash in Stapleton this year where we collected over $2K worth of school supplies for Hallett Academy. To see that many school supplies laid out in one area was incredible,” said Jason. They also had a Fall Festival where they invited local small businesses to set up booths, face painters and pumpkin decorating all to benefit Children’s Hospital Colorado. The event was a huge success and hey were able to raise over $3K. Derek also participates in the annual Courage Classic road bike race and donates all his proceeds to Children’s Hospital Colorado as well.  

 The whole team enjoys the outdoor lifestyle that Colorado offers. When they aren’t working you can find them with their families hiking, off roading and camping during the summer and snowboarding in the winter. Family is a huge focus for each of them and they love the lives they have been able to build thanks to their successful business growth. 

 “We have big goals for the year ahead that really depend on us combining our individual strengths as a team to drive toward new development project opportunities,” said Megan. Going into 2020 this team had $680 Million in sales under their belts and are very motivated to keep growing. Team Colorado Homes has already begun planning multiple fundraisers, projects and will continue to perfect the processes they’ve already developed. They’re excited to see what this new partnership will bring and are thrilled to be a part of a forward thinking, innovative company like Compass. They’re positive that being a part of a company who is constantly pushing themselves to improve the technology and marketing tools available for their agents will allow them to better serve their clients.


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