The Panacea Collection

Jason Cummings September 4, 2019

The Panacea Collection

This Zero Energy Thrive Built Home combines a cost efficient, high performance package of energy savings, comfort, health and durability with modern design and architecture. The Panacea Collection is intended to use almost zero energy and won the Grand Award for The Most Innovative Home in the country by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Are you looking for a home that embodies the innovation and technological advances of the world we live in today while contributing to a more sustainable built environment - so that future generations can enjoy this beautiful state as we do? That is exactly what the Panacea is - deemed one of the of the most energy efficient, healthiest homes in the country by the US Department of Energy. With walls that clean the air inside, and a rooftop solar installation that can almost be considered commercial grade this is the home of the future.


One of the astonishing things about initiatives and products that promote sustainability and a more calculated impact are the additional external benefits that can be reaped. It’s fantastic that these homes create their own clean energy directly from the sun right at the point of consumption, but it may be even better that you will be saving money on your electric bill for the next 20 years! Not to mention, you may not have a utility bill at all (except for those pesky grid connection fees) as the home developers are offering to pay out the 20 year solar lease at the time of purchase! Plus with the added capability of producing solar energy, the home is actually a net producer of energy rather than a consumer.  


The double framed structure of this home promotes ultra high efficiency and prevents wasted energy use. Built with AirRenew Drywall that captures formaldehyde that enters your home through household products such as wood furniture, electronics, treated fabrics, hairspray - etc. Once the formaldehyde is captured it remains safely within the drywall allowing you to breathe easier. That also means the air in this home is clean enough to be certified as hospital grade, and boy does that mean this home is comfortable.


The best part is you get to customize this home to your likings. You will get all of the benefits of choosing flooring styles, countertops, tile packages and cabinets that fit your tastes without the stress of thousands of Home Depot trips and hours lost in Floor n Decor. Thrive does this selection process for you and narrows it down through packages. What that means is you don’t pick out each of these items individually from an unlimited supply of options at a design center.  You instead choose a package at a certain price and then within that package you’ll have several options to choose from.


Thrive’s architectural concept focuses on creating harmony between indoor and outdoor living, achieved with large front porches and a prominent courtyard. Studies have shown that having a beautiful space like this where you can find refuge will reduce stress levels and improve productivity. You really feel the validity of these findings when you step into this home.

Modern architecture, efficiency and health are a few things promoted throughout this beautiful Panacea Collection - come take a walk through the model home and see for yourself!  If you like what you see, there are four final available sites in Beeler Park, where you can have one of these eye catching mid century modern homes built by Thrive from the upper $900s.

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