Washington Park Community Feature

Jason Cummings September 4, 2019

Washington Park Community Feature

One of Denver’s most loved and desired neighborhoods of the year, Washington Park is an idyllic Colorado community offering a blend of historic and contemporary homes amid endless outdoor recreation opportunities. Centered around the gorgeous 161-acre Washington Park after which the neighborhood is named, this residential community provides a highly sought-after lifestyle and some of the best homes for sale in Denver.

Designed by Architect Reinhard Scheutze in 1899, Washington Park’s history dates back to the founding and development of Denver. It exhibits a French country style, featuring beautiful gardens, two lakes, pedestrian paths reminiscent of Rhine Valley chateaus, an elegant boathouse, and winding trails ideal for walking, cycling and running. Most of the brick homes bordering the green space were built between 1900 and 1940, spurred by the creation of the park and many are still standing today, contributing to the charm and appeal of the neighborhood.

The park is known for its breathtaking views of the Front Range mountains to the west as well as the largest flower garden in Denver, which features symmetrical flowerbeds of over 15,000 varieties, Among many, one garden is an exact replica of Martha Washington’s garden at the former President’s estate at Mount Vernon.

One of the biggest draws of Washington Park is how easy it makes enjoying the outdoors. Not only is the park beautiful, but it offers residents of the neighborhood and surrounding areas access to large lawns for enjoying a weekend picnic or tossing a Frisbee around, tennis courts, two playgrounds, and more. For walkers, joggers and runners, there are a number of trails that pass through the park, as well as one that encompasses the perimeter, which connect the park to the city via a number of bike trails.

Washington Park also has a recreation center helping to further embody Denver’s rich legacy of enjoying an active lifestyle. The rec center features an indoor pool, free weights, and numerous fitness classes throughout the year including yoga, conditioning, Zumba and interval training.

The residences surrounding the park in the Washington Park neighborhood feature many early twentieth century brick houses and even some late nineteenth century properties on the west side of the park. Four blocks to the east of Washington Park, you’ll find Old South Gaylord, a popular and charming shopping district lined with boutiques, galleries, restaurants and bars. Every Memorial Day Weekend, the community comes out for a fair along this historic street, where local arts, craft and food vendors as well as musicians come out to celebrate the arrival of summer. 

Washington Park is truly one of the best neighborhoods of 2018 and the ideal place to find your next home in Denver.

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