When I have clients looking to buy a home one of the first questions they ask is "how are the schools?". Most parents want to send their kids to a highly ranked school. If the public school that your neighborhood feeds to isn't ranked well you might explore other options like charter or private schools. However, a public school education is free and that is always appealing and allows you to save money for their college education. Another good reason to have a great school in the neighborhood is having the option to walk your kids to school is also highly desirable. Living near your child's school can allow you to be more involved in their eductaion and give you the opportunity to form tight knit relationships with other families. 

What I am getting at is the quality of local schools around your home is an important factor in determining where to live. Just recently Wilder Lane Elementary School was ranked #4 Elementary School in Denver by the BizJournal.com. This rating takes into account the teachers, education and demographics of the school. This is great news because Wilder Lane 24 a community of 24 Mid Century Modern homes feeds to this elementary school. Most people are drawn to this neighborhood because of their love of Mid Century Modern design but this Wilder Lane Elementray Schools Rating is an extra bonus. 

In sum if a school's ranking is important to you, always do your due diligence and make sure to speak to other parents who have kids enrolled in the school as well as others in the neighborhood you are looking to move to.